The data that surrounds the world of Nutrition and Vitimins is mind blowing, and many billions of dollars are spent each year to promote products that often do nothing for you! I know as I have spent hundreds of hours learning about this topic. 

In short there are 3 things you should know about supplements.

  • Isolated Vitimins: This means that the vitamin is synthetically isolated from it's natural source and is therefore ingested independant of the other phytonutrients that would normally be present when consumed as a wholefood.
  • Bio-availabilty: This indicates that the supplement will be digested and absorbed optimally so that it can enter the blood stream.
  • Wholefood supplements: Refers to nutritional supplements that provide micro-nutrients (vitimins, minerals and enzymes) in their whole food form so that they have a higher degree of bio-availabilty and therefore are of greater benefit to health and wellness.

If you plan to take any vitamin supplements you should always go for the last 2 of the above, wholefoods that have a higher degree of bio-availability and are absorbed into your system quickly. If they don't break down in liquid you will simply be pooping out what you took in! Taking vitimins in isolation is restrictive, expensive, and not very productive. So stick to the Wholefood products. 

I recommend to my patients a product called Juice Plus. I never recommend anything unless I'm willing to take it myself, and I've been taken it for 8 years now every day. Juice Plus is a careful selection of 17 Wholefood Fruits & Vegetables that have been carefully dyhydrated to a powder and then encapsulated in a east to swallow gel capsule. I haven't found anything better than Juice Plus capsules, other than raw, organic fruits and vegetables for increasing the anti-oxidant load, decreasing free radials and therefore enhancing my health and vitality. 

Please note Juice Plus is NOT a substitute for your daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, as many of us struggle to eat 17 fresh fruits and vegetables EVERY day, it is the best substitute available. It's a well known fact that most people barely eat 3 a day, so in taking Juice Plus it is an excellent and simple solution to supplement your bodies requirements.

For less than $4NZ per day, Juice Plus can help your body re-build the damage or ward off the oxidative stresses already placed on it that we are subjected too, and you will start to generate healthier cells from within. Clients say taking Juice Plus is like having "health insurance". 

Let's face it "we are what you eat"!

For more information, please contact the local representative Gill St Leger on 021 881 954 or email us on gsoconsulting@gmail.com We would be delighted to discuss this with you further, and can also assist you in placing an order that would get delivered directly to your front door.

Juice Plus is not sold through retail stores but sold through reputable independant representatives.